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Establishment, gym and health at 3 Purley Place, Cronulla, NSW 2230, Australia. Here you will find detailed information about Heart and Soul yoga: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.

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3 Purley Place
NSW 2230
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+61 418 960 814

Reviews of Heart and Soul yoga

    Melody Stanford Added October 19, 2023
    Heart and Soul is such an amazing sunlit studio. As soon as I enter the room I feel calm and peaceful. Everyone that I have met are so friendly. Bianca's sound class is so beautiful,the sound bowls and her voice combined is so soothing and healing.
    Emily Louise Added October 09, 2023
    Such a warm and welcoming space to be in. I love the easy-going nature of everyone who comes to the studio, both teachers and students. There’s a great variety of classes, including sound. Bianca has created a really special place here.
    Melina Bonfini Added October 06, 2023
    I treated myself to Bianca's Vinyasa and Sound Meditation class and what a treat it was. The perfect combination of movement and sound, I was taken on a beautiful journey. I walked away, feeling strong and relaxed. The crystal bowls are really something else. The vibrations I felt were profound and deep. Bianca has the voice of an angel. Bianca and Heart and Soul are one of a kind. Thank you for the mid-week magic!
    Kathy Cogill Added September 30, 2023
    It is such a joy to teach and practice at the beautiful Heart and Soul studio in Cronulla... always a great pleasure to walk into the gorgeous, sun-filled room and to be a part of the warm, connected and peaceful community who share and practice there. The timetable offers a great range of classes, open to all levels. Thank you Bianca for starting up and steering this lovely and welcoming yoga hub!
    Clariza Pearce Added September 25, 2023
    Heart and Soul Yoga is my PEACE. Bianca and her amazing team of instructors has really created a vibe that's safe, fun and super welcoming. If you ever felt a nudge to give yoga a go and felt unsure if it's for you, I suggest going! You will be welcomed with love here.

    Bianca's sound baths and her amazing voice will lock you in. I promise ❤️

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Questions & Answers

1. What is the phone number for Heart and Soul yoga

The phone number for Heart and Soul yoga is +61 418 960 814.

2. Where is Heart and Soul yoga located?

Heart and Soul yoga is located at 3 Purley Place Cronulla, NSW 2230.

3. Is there a primary contact for Heart and Soul yoga

You can contact Heart and Soul yoga by phone using number +61 418 960 814.

4. What is the web address (URL) for Heart and Soul yoga

The website for Heart and Soul yoga is .

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